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Automated cleaning of dispensing tips and nozzles using a textile ribbon. Cleans flat nozzles at contact (Wiper I) or dispensing tips after start trigger (Wiper II). The ribbon moves on after the cleaning so that a new part of the ribbon is available for the next cleaning. Digital I/Os and various configuration options allow for an easy integration into higher-level systems.


Laser marking

Compact laser marking station for PCBs. This device can be used for the serial processing of PCBs in inline operation or with magazine systems



This fully automated test handler has been developed for the functional testing of electronic subassemblies. The machine is equipped with digital TTL-interfaces for communicating with a tester and can be used inline or with magazin loader and unloader.



Leonardo is the first universal pick-and-place handler which has been specially designed to test microsystems and sensors. It combines fully automatic and standardized handling with sufficient space for individual test systems which can be retooled reproducibly within minutes.



This dispenser can be used for the mass processing of PCBs in inline operation or cassette-to-cassette.



The WaferCleaner cleans wafers from 150 mm (6”) to 300 mm (12”). Filtered compressed air is applied to the wafer while the chuck is rotating. A vacuum handshake between the end effector and the WaferCleaner ensures that the wafer is always secure. An extractor prevents contamination of both the wafer and the immediate surroundings.

UV curer

The UV curer consists of a focused, high-intensity UV emitter positioned over a conveyor belt for the fully automatic curing of UV curing adhesives, bonds and protective coatings.

If the conveyor belt is not operated inline or in conjunction with a cassette system the interlocked front opening can be used for manual loading.


Data acquisition

Data acquisition with the LauerBox has been optimized to work with heterogeneous machinery, i. e. all required machine and production data is made available digitally and in a standardized format regardless of the age of the machines.